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  • kokiiwaseorgn

i was said to be the worst candidate at Audition

this January, as i was taking audition in Tokyo, the director evaluated me as the worst candidate, even worse than

the one who's never done acting sitting next to me.

i remember that time, my fist and knees trembling with anger to...dont know maybe

to director or myself? both?

but soon my mind changed, no, that's totally me to blame.

giving up when being trained to be actor for more than 10 years and the director told you, you're way worse than beginner at audition, could also be my option.

but i didn't take that.

i wanted to face my reality and overcome. Because, being actor's been my big dream.

my inner voice whispered me "you can't stop here. prove them wrong sometime man! you can do it".

then, just few minutes later, i made my decision restarting my acting career by learning the very basic of acting and left firm and joined UPS Academy in Tokyo 2 months later.

such negativeness, frustration have still been my orgin of energy pursuing dream.



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